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Michaela Wilson-Odlin


Michaela is a member of the committee and one of the fundraisers for the club. Michaela carries out the vital job of locating sponsors to help provide additional funding to help prolong the future of our club. Michaela has been involved in helping to arrange raffles and namecards at some of our events.

Michaela has helped out in many differnt jobs including being a trained Team Manager where helps guide our swimmers to their events at competitions, and manning the water station for the Grimsby 10km runs.

Previously, one of the club's most essential roles carried out during the Covid pandemic was the Covid Liaison officer. Without this the swimmers could not return to the pool. Michaela played a key role at that time. Not only that, to help get the swimmers back to competition she also was a timekeeper for the Level X event.

Michaela Wilson-Odlin
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